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Property Solutions for Owners and Investors

INTELIVE provides solutions for landlords and investors.

For landlords we can help you make the most of your property portfolio by providing guaranteed hassle free rental, with your property looked after to the highest standard. Or purchasing your property outright.

For investors we are looking to work with you on our future projects giving you an excellent return on your investment.

Simplifying Property Ownership, Management and Rental

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Landlords, We Can Help You!

  • We would rent the property from the landlord on a long-term basis usually 3-5 years and then we will use it for corporate lets and as serviced accommodation.
  • Taking control of the property and looking after it guaranteeing the landlord their monthly rent.
  • We are very experienced in the world of serviced accommodation with a 5* track record.
  • Our existing properties are kept to a very high standard because we like to have the best reviews possible currently being a super host and have held this for over two years.
  • We have corporate clients waiting for properties and regular return bookings because of the standard we keep our properties in.
  • We are fully insured with public liability.
  • Registered with the property redress scheme.

We Make Property Ownership Easier

Investment Opportunities

We are always looking at new opportunities and investors to work with us on our projects, giving you great returns on your investment.

  • Do you have savings in the bank?
  • Do you have money stuck in ISA?
  • Do you have money invested in stocks and shares?
  • What returns are you receiving from your investment?

Its likely that you are not getting the maximum returns that are possible on your investments!

Speak to us today with minimum returns of 8% pa on your investment its definitely worth chatting to us to find out more.

Get A Better Return On Your Investment


We'll ensure your propery is secure and well maintained. Your property will be in safe hands.


We won't bombard you with complicated language - we'll keep things simple and understandable.


Our clients deserve quality service - whether owners or tenants. We'll make sure you're well looked after.

About Us

INTELIVE was established in 2019 to provide peace of mind for property owners and tenants alike.

Cara Shardlow has set up and run a successful livery yard for the last 20 years, competing for Great Britain in dressage. She is also running her own very successful Holiday lets in the Whitby area and has gained consisted high standards to be awarded Airbnb super host throughout this time.

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